Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ballad of Bapu

Ballad of Bapu
Author- Santosh Bakaya
Published by-
Renu Kaul Verma
Vitasta Publishing Pvt.Ltd
Darya ganj,
New Delhi- 110002
ISBN 978-93-82711-57-5
Price : Rs.295/-
Mahatma Gandhi or Bapu, the subject or the person, being so close to my heart, I had a strong desire to have it and read it but it materialised, a few days back when surfing Amazon on net, I saw a kind of notice glaring at me that only one copy was left. Now or never ,was  my instant reaction and I ordered it.
The author Dr. Santosh Bakaya is an academician, teaching P.G. classes at Jaipur.She needs no introduction, being an author of note, dabbling masterfully in poetry, fiction, essays and the like.
Ballad of Bapu is an  answer and a reaction to the casual or studied utterances of all those who question the relevance of Gandhi in our time.
I have been fed on  Louis Fischer's biography of Mahatma Gandhi and lately on Ramchandra Guha 's  ' Gandhi before India' , but Ballad is one of its kind.
Written in quintain rhyme scheme of aa bb a, it makes absorbing reading. Encompassing entire life of Bapu, right from the time of his birth till his passing away, the book is full of details regarding his childhood, his life in England, while studying Law, returning home, , leaving for South Africa, eventful life lived there, return to India after two decades, the start of freedom movement with  many
historical events taking place.The book is divided into Chapters with suitable headings, in chronological order.
The persons who came in his life , the books and authors who influenced him, the Satyagraha, the Charkha, the  Sabarmati Ashram, all find a mention in this wonderful lyrical account.The book is further enriched by some rare pictures and photographs that beautifully complement the text.
A must have for those interested in knowing about Gandhi  !
Kudos to the author for this wonderful creation !

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