Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pradeep Kumar

Today is the death anniversary of Pradeep Kumar, the noted Bollywood actor. With his impressive looks, nothing short of regal , he was an easy choice to pick to play the role of a King, a Prince or an aristocrat and he enacted these roles with e'lan.
Starting his career as a theatre artist,he was first cast in a Bengali movie Alaknanda . The '50s and '60s saw him working with all the top heroines of the times like Nimmi, Nutan, Vaijyantimala, Meena Kumari, Bina Rai, Geeta Bali, Mala Sinha and Nargis and he paired well with them. Somehow his teaming with Madhubala, another leading heroine did not meet with much success. He acted in popular hits like Anarkali, Naagin, Aarti, Taj Mahal , Raat Aur Din,Rajhath Noorjahan , Sanjog, Baadshah, Bheegi Raat , Meri Soorat Teri Aankhen , Adalat, Bahu Begum,Bandhan, Jagte Raho, Many popular songs, whether solo or duet, were picturised on him . He had also his lean period and almost remained eclipsed for years. His comeback film was Razia Sultan in which he appeared in 1983 and acted as an emperor.
He died this day in 2001 aged 76.

Our humble tributes to the great actor !

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