Saturday, October 15, 2016


Being an avid listener to the old Hindi film songs especially on the Urdu service of the All India Radio or Aakashvani as it is known today, many a time I heard the name of music director being mentioned as Lachhi Ram or Lachhiram which always set me thinking for a while. My intuition had me guessing that the person was from my state Himachal Pradesh, as the name is so common and some of my acquaintances bear the same name. There was no way to find out details about him as film magazines talked mostly about Heroes and Heroines , Actors and Actresses and less about music directors or producers or some other personages behind the camera. 
Just today browsing through You Tube, a song - Ai Dil Machal Machal Key Yun, Rota hai zar zar kya - caught my attention as again Lachhiram found mention as the Music Director. Out of curiosity , I googled his name and found a few web pages writing about him at length. I am glad to share that Lachhiram OR Lachhiram Tomar very much belonged to Himachal Pradesh i.e. the erstwhile princely state of Kuthar , which falls in District Solan . Another of his notable compositions is Dhalti Jai Raat, a beautiful romantic duet sung by Muhammad Rafi and Asha Bhosle.In all he composed music for 18 or 19 films in his career between 1945 and 1964, some of his compositions becoming hits .
I shall write in detail later when I find more material about this unsung personality of Hindi Cinema .


  1. There are some more music composers like Lachhi raam who are lesser known but fantastic music composers