Monday, September 25, 2017

Random Musings

I was more than happy when on completion of tenure in a hard Tribal area, I received orders of my transfer to a ' soft' area, though not to one of the three stations I had given my option for, as per the existing and much touted Government policy that station of choice would be given after a tenure in a hard area.Further, I had to wait for about two months before another 'scape goat' arrived to take over from me.
I got relieved , packed the stuff and left
the station bag and baggage taking all nice memories of the place with me.I had arranged for my household effects to be transported in advance so as to be able to spend my joining time at Shimla.
After exhausting joining time , I travelled to my new place of posting and reached there at 9:30 PM.A member of staff was there to receive us at the bus stop who also accompanied us to the PWD rest house.We had some dinner and settled for the night.
We just had the tea in the morning the next day when the Chowkidar came and announced that someone had come and wanted to see me. A strange thing at a new place and that too early in the morning.Anyway, I sent for him. He was a middle aged person. We exchanged greetings and I asked the reason of his coming.He said that he had brought some 'gift' for me.Taken aback, I asked him what made him think that I would accept a gift from him or anyone for that matter . My wife joined me and said in chaste Hindi that we were not the ones who accepted gifts.Somewhat peeved that tables had been turned, he was quick to add that he was a Nambardar.Unmoved, I didn't ask him his name and politely told him that I expected to see him more often. The person left but I also felt compelled to think that I was to deal with a clever lot. Soon I was able to identify the person and was given to think that he was deliberately sent to enquire and gauge, what type of a person I was.So I was being put to a test !The Nambardar did not show up again during my entire tenure of close to three years.
Nevertheless I had a reasonably good time.

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