Monday, July 3, 2017


Thanks to google, I am able to find out and read short stories which decades ago I had gone through as a school going boy and which even then I felt like reading again and again.One such short story is 'ILYAS' by Leo Tolstoy.
Those of us who seek happiness through riches & wealth and consider them synonymous must go through this story.Money and wealth are not permanent and change hands as fate ordains.The protagonist Ilyas, a rich ,kind and a hospitable man whose good reputation had travelled far and wide, by some quirk of fate falls on bad days and finds it difficult to afford even two square meals a day.A kind person who has known Ilyas since his salad days out of compassion employs the couple who do odd domestic chores for him.It is when some guests turn up and the master tells them about Ilyas . Face to face with the guests, Ilyas speaks about his new found happiness and contentment, which had eluded him as a rich man.
The story carries a few lessons as all the short stories of Tolstoy do.

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