Thursday, August 31, 2017

Keeping pace with times

I am an old fashioned person and it takes me quite some time to adopt and adapt myself to new things, be it new technology or dress designs.I got for myself a mobile phone as late as 2010, while my wife and kids had it much before. Same with dress design. In the '70s when bell bottoms were the rage, I remained stuck with the out of vogue medium width pants. We used to have buttons to fasten the fly in front of the pants. In 70s only the more convenient zippers came. Quite later I had pants stitched which had zippers.
Ignorance is not always a bliss. I thought it was enough to pull the zipper up. Much to my embarrassment, once on returning from the bazaar, when I began to change, I found the zippers had betrayed me. Mercifully no one had pointed this out to me. Perhaps it went unnoticed or the persons meeting me ignored it to save me from embarrassment.When I talked about this to a close friend, he told me that after pulling up it had to be locked by pressing the strip down.
Since then I have been careful enough not to be subjected to wardrobe malfunction !

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