Sunday, October 1, 2017


When I joined Government service as a Revenue Officer, I learnt many new things. We all know that work or ‘kaam’ is the basic thing that is expected of an employee in any organization , everywhere. One tries one’s best to come up to the expectations of the superiors , which is the norm. There may be diffident workers and habitual shirkers too , which also is not surprising. What I learnt about old times, simply amused me. In addition to efficiency in work, another quality expected of Revenue officers/ officials down the line as I came to know was ‘intzaam’ meaning boarding and lodging arrangements for the visiting superior officers and dignitaries. Subordinate officers and staff were expected to keep a tab on the likes and dislikes of the superiors and to have prepared and offer food items etc accordingly, in order not to earn their ire and displeasure. So ‘kaam’ & ‘intzaam’ both had to be perfect, sometimes the latter taking precedence over the former . What further amused me was to be told that sometimes the remarks that found entry in the Inspection Reports & Annual Confidential Report written in Vernacular read as ‘ kaam bhi achchha, intzaam bhi achchha’, ‘kaam achchha par intzaam theek nahin ‘, ‘ intzaam achccha par kaam theek nahin’ and lastly the most damaging ‘ na kaam achchha na intzaam achchha ‘ . 

Only God could save the person remarked upon unfavourably !

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