Wednesday, October 4, 2017


‘खुड्‌डे लाइन’ is a word I frequently came across in conversation during my service days especially whenever some transfer bulletin was out. Year after year it was a routine affair to get used to . The Bulletin immediately following the change of guard assumed a special significance as one saw ‘many heads rolled’. In Government service, it does not require extra intelligence to know the tilt of a particular employee towards one side or the other the reason being not ideology but personal individual preference for sentimental reasons or proximity to some people who matter in a particular kind of dispensation. The bulletin would set tongues wagging – so and so ko khudde line laga diya – ye to hona hi tha – yaar usko posting achchhi mil gayi - type of utterances taking place. Not unexpected seeing how things go and the system works . In short a see saw movement takes place. Now ‘खुड्‌डे लाइन’ is no longer a colloquial word but an accepted expression in print also where you come across ‘साइड लाइन’ as well. In fact the media and the vernacular media in particular reinforces and strengthens the public perception of a post in any department for that matter as ‘खुड्‌डे लाइन’ or of some significance.The headings of some news items in this regard read like ‘ ताजपोशी’ and ‘पर काट दिये’ It seems some posts in various departments are simply there to show the incumbents their place or औक़ात, unless the incumbent himself likes to opt for enjoy a hassle free life as there is nothing to lose , salary and facilities remaining the same. I need not discuss this further as my friends know which posts in their department or service come under the category. Not only this in secretariat postings also some departments are considered ‘prize’ and ‘plum’ though this may mean additional headache and bother only. On a personal note , I may say that I have relished such sideline postings, with least of or no public dealing, without a care in the world. I often met a few of my friends in active politics , with grimace writ large on their face, pitying me for my ‘khudde line’ postings and assuring me of a ‘plum’ posting when ‘our party’ comes in power. The day never came as I accepting the things as they were, never asked them for this favour.

Any takers !

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