Friday, October 20, 2017

That Was Also A Diwali

It was the Diwali of 1998. I was posted at Rekong Peo the District HQ of Kinnaur.My wife along with the kids had gone visiting her parents at Shimla to attend some family function , so I was alone. In the morning a colleague who also happened to be my class pal in the University campus, turned up and suggested that we call on the Deputy Commissioner to offer Diwali greetings.The Deputy Commissioner, more friendly than bossy, welcomed us . Pleasantries over , he disclosed to us the sad news of an Army helicopter crash in which two young Army Officers had lost their lives, and that he was going to the spot along with the Superintendent of Police. He left for the spot asking us to have tea which he had got prepared for us. My horse sense suggested that I sit in the office to receive directions or messages , if anything was required to be done. The entire day was spent in the office , attending to some matters. At 7:30 or so I left the office and came back to my residence . The boy who cooked for me in absence of my wife told me that a person had come in a vehicle and left a box of apples and a bottle of ACP – Aristocrat Premium as a Diwali gift. It was not unusual to be offered sweets or apples as a Diwali gift by a few known persons , but a teetotaler like me being presented with a bottle of whisky by a person unknown was something very strange. Needless to say that the bottle remained with me for quite a few days as a memento only to be offered to a close friend later.

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